About me

My name is Yereum Kim and I'm a photographer & writer based in Florence, Italy. I'm originally from Seoul, South Korea and since my early 20s, I've been living in various cities - Helsinki(Finland), San Francisco (US) and finally, Florence (Italy). 
I've never planned my life journey, but when I looked back on, I found out three important elements which have lead me until here - InspirationConnections and Pleasure
When I arrived in Florence for the first time in 2012, I intuitively felt I will be living here for the next years. I simply fell in love with this beautiful and humane city. Beauty and energy of Florence has awakened my dormant creative heart and it has created my new life path - photographer. 
I had started my career as a photographer in FlorenceNewspaper and now I am a freelancer photographer/writer with italian cultural contents upon client requests. 
My photography style is to capture the genuine moments and share honest stories. I have a big dream traveling every single spot in whole italy with a car and photographed and share my stories.
I live in center of Florence with my dog, Fiore.(She is featured in my lifestyle photography and we are best traveling mates!)